Does it matter if I use BodyVelocity even though its deprecated?

I have seen that the replacement for BodyVelocity is AngularVelocity. Does it matter if I use BodyVelocity over AngularVelocity even if its deprecated?

the BodyVelocity was replaced by LinearVelocity

if we look at the documentation

we can see it says

This object maintains all functionality of BodyVelocity

so there is no need to use Deprecated objects

you can read more here

you can see that the body movers where superseded back in 2017

to the question does it mater you can think of it like asking does it mater if I use a old car or a new car

sure a old car can get you from A to B but the new car will perform better and will have better fuel economy and will have more features so if the new car is free to use you would always pick to drive the new car


Sadly it seems like a lot of these replacements are worse than the originals.

For example LinearVelocity constraint doesn’t allow a part to experience gravity like BodyVelocity does.
And AlignOrientation constraint doesn’t allow a part to align to a single axis like BodyGyro does.

For LinearVelocity, it is almost entirely useless unless you want there to be no gravity applied.

LinearVelocity should have an option to allow for gravity. Sigh…

The least Roblox staff could do is assure all devs that body movers won’t be removed ever. Just allow them to be permanent alternatives that exist under the hood.

Edit: it seems you can in fact apply gravity to linear velocity by fine tuning the max force of the linear velocity. In this way it’s very much like body velocity except body velocity allows you to set the max force of each axis. Good enough for me I guess.


you clearly didn’t learn how to use new body movers. They’re clearly the same, tweak settings and they’ll give you the same behavior as old movers

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How do you apply gravity to linearvelocity then?

So then how would you want me to apply maxforce to the 3 axes?

Definitely not, the new body movers have a noticable difference when compared to the old ones. They somehow managed to make a new feature worse than it’s old counterpart.