Does it matter where you store meshes?

In a very old thread they say that mesh geometry is downloaded even in ServerStorage. An old staff member (zeuxcg, I believe he was staff?) did say at the bottom of the thread that they were working on changing it. Has it been changed yet?

Also, I’ve seen people on DevForum say that things in ReplicatedStorage eat up a lot of memory [1] [2]. But a more recent post states that geometry won’t load even when in ReplicatedStorage.

So did they change everything? Do meshes/parts/sounds/whatever in ReplicatedStorage & ServerStorage not increase loading times & memory usage anymore? Is there a difference in storing things in ReplicatedStorage/ServerStorage/workspace with StreamingEnabled (apart from the fact that the client can’t access ServerStorage of course, I’m talking about performance/memory/loading time/etc. differences). I’m also interested in storing things in workspace specifically, with StreamingEnabled. Do things outside the streaming radius still load upon join (and thus increase loading times)? Take up memory? Impact performance?

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I believe Roblox only streams in mesh data, or any asset data for that matter (so any instance using asset ids) when the asset needs to be seen or heard by the player, or when ContentProvider:PreloadAsync() is called on the instances. Knowing this, storing a mesh in replicated storage should be fine, as the mesh data will not load unless it’s put in the workspace where the player can see it.

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