Does it possible to deform mesh with bones using script?

I’m make mesh character, which can be animated with bones. But I have 1 question - can I animate it using script instead of Animations?

Yes you can set the cframe of bones by accessing bone.CFrame

When I’m trying set Bone.CFrame, or use Bone.Transform, Bone changes CFrame, but mesh doen’t changes…

Have you tried moving the bone normally, does it deform?

Yes, I tryed. Mesh don’t deform, only bone changes it’s position.

Oh, well mesh deformation requires a rigged mesh to actually deform the bones. Simply adding bones won’t make it deform.

I’m rig it in blender. With AnimationEditor plugin they can affect mesh. But If I will try move bones in Studio without plugin, bones don’t deform mesh.

How did you import the mesh, through setting the meshid or did you use the avatar importer?

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I’m use Avatar-Importer - Import Custom avatar.

Maybe I find solution… Let’s try it…

I find solution - In studio, I rename bones. And this broke everything. IDK why but animator works even with wrong names. Anyways, thanks for help!