Does locking parts protect them from in game hacks?

I’ve seen some crazy videos where hackers use something to select parts and move them, scale them, etc. It looks like they are using a building tool. They select a part and there is a bounding box and scale/axis points.

So this made me wonder about locking parts vs just anchoring them. When parts are locked I can no longer select them from the screen in Studio. If they are locked and anchored I wonder if this particular hack would be stopped or what benefit locking gives you?



  1. The majority of those are fake. They either use builder tools that you can get with Kohl’s Admin or some other free software.

  2. Most YouTubers supply fake/clickbait for the views (especially those dealing with “hacks”).

  3. You can try, though you should not lock anything unless you have completely finished the game (with the Baseplate being an exception). However, I personally think it won’t do much.

Interesting… thanks. The 3 videos I saw appeared to be full of regular players. When the (well known) youtuber selected a part on a building and pulled it the building fell down and the players reacted in chat. Eventually he got kicked. I know you could fake it though with enough time.

According to the api reference, the Locked property determines whether a part is selectable in Studio.

While some building tools are scripted such that locked parts are ignored, exploiters would rather use those that can modify any basepart regardless of its properties. Remember that if your game is FE true, other players won’t see their cheats, even if they deleted a whole map. This is because whatever does the client, it is not replicated to all the other clients.

TL;DR, (un)anchoring or un(locking) parts will basically have no effect at all.


If, by whatever exploit, they gain the ability to modify your game instances, there’s nothing stopping them from unlocking the parts themselves. The only real safe guard is FE enabled;

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A client moving parts will have no effect on other players, only themselves. So unless you’re about them accessing areas they shouldnt then I wouldn’t worry too much about it

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Thank you. These videos mention getting around FE specifically. This does answer my question about locking.


You cannot pull only one block from a building and have the entire thing collapse. You need to unanchor it. You can have a floating house if you want, just as long as it is anchored.

And the final answer is no. Locking will do absolutely nothing.


I won’t post video links because it seems unsavory or borderline against the rules. If you search Roblox hacking on Youtube you will see some of the more highly viewed videos and see what I mean. Perhaps the entire videos are recorded in Studio/sandbox and made to look real.

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I was unable to find a genuine hacking video. All I find is pre-made software, scams or trying to get little kids to download a virus.

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I assume then this example is just local parts on his screen + the “victim” playing along? That would explain it.

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One: I do not recognise the game.

Two: Only they’re talking (though I did see other “players” outside).

Three: Their movements resemble a bot.

Four: He could easily just get some friends to do stuff.

Five: It is really suspicious that the player only moves when the “hacker” isn’t typing and vice versa.

Six: I feel like there were either a lot is scripting or some crazy plugin.

Seven: I feel like he just downloaded a free hacking software to troll instead of actually hacking (which is really sad).

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