Does making realistic pooping break Roblox ToS?

I’m planning to create a game with a pooping concept. So i wonder if it breaks the roblox tos


Roblox Community Rules Section II(2) Lists this following bullet point for topics to avoid:
Content that implies or makes an avatar appear naked or in underwear/undergarments. This includes solid color avatars without clothing.

This bulleted list is followed by:
“Do not create or upload any images, videos, audio files or other content (including animations or scripting), discuss topics or use language that falls in the bulleted list above.”

In short, yes, that is against the rules.

EDIT: Changed “Terms of Use” to “Community Rules”


Wait. So is my character considered naked? I hope not.

And I have a zombie model that has brown torso and legs, green head and arms. It doesn’t have a Shirt instance. Is this against rules too?


:frowning: sad i have a great game idea but it breaks roblox’s tos

but i will make a pooping animation so it looks good

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is this legal? making a pooping animation but the player’s are not naked

Please elaborate on what type of game this is.

i can’t share ideas sorry cause i’m only a solo dev and some group devs may who works faster may copy the idea

This sounds a bit weird of a game. The only game I can think of this being is a simulator game. I think this will be really disgusting for alot of players, and will probably get removed from roblox if it gets popular.

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why remove thou if it doesn’t break roblox tos

now i’m hesitant to make this game lol

Think about children playing this game, and their parents seeing what they play. Some parents would be really angry at roblox for “letting” their kids play that game. If you fear it being removed I think it is best not to make a game around that concept.

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oh ok maybe i’ll think of another idea

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No it isn’t it’s a zombie It’s not being classified as a real person so it’s not really naked is it

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I agree with you about the concept, though you do realise that children would do this sooner or later, anyways. Plus, it’s not like it doesn’t happen. But of course, it’s a rather disgusting and weird concept.

Only real skin colours.

Any kind of excrement or urine (especially if it is being ‘relieved’) is not allowed, as has been mentioned previously on this forum by staff. A ‘realistic ass’ is also not allowed under nudity guidelines.

Just don’t make this game. You will very likely be banned, and most people will likely not play it.

May i ask you what you are trying to accomplish exactly? because having a “realistic poop which looks disgusting” and “pooping animations” sounds quite sketchy to me and i don’t see how it can be used in a way that doesn’t break the roblox ToS. It’s straight up disgusting.


There is a problem.

So if npc rigs in game is included then there is this problem:

Lets say I was modeling and I inserted a rig from roblox’s plugin that comes with the studio to see the size of the model. But when I released the game I forgot to delete it. Since the rig that you insert is fully grey, it will be considered naked because its all the same color. So this will get me banned.

(Dont worry I dont have a game with a naked npc)

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I was just quoting the community rules, im not really sure on how the exact implementation occurs.


Yes I know, I was just writing it if anybody knows.

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