Does my classroom look ok?

It’s a Japanese style classroom, was wondering what it needs…


It would be great if the windows are transparent so that there is lighting and to reduce the space a little


Great job on making the classroom!

You can always add effects that can greatly change how players see the classroom.

That includes how much lighting you add, adding lighting can also greatly change how players see it.

Keep up the great work!


what’s the context of this? I’m getting zombie apocalypse vibes from this build.

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Details such as a bookshelf, mannequins and small details would make it look better.

E.g. You could add some writing to a chalkboard in Japanese, you could add a clock, a bulletin board, Posters on the wall.

Additional lighting and shadows can also have a unique effect. It looks good but there is always room for improvement. Use your imagination.

Not sure what type of game you are planning on creating, and whether my feedback is helpful, but I wish you the best of luck in your building.


Looks good. I like the clean style.

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Pretty close, the vibe I was aiming for is Corspe Party, before they end up in Heavenly Host.

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I think the tables and chairs are good for simple and low-poly work and that the floor is also nice. The only other things that make this lack is the low amount of object detail (the floor looks the most detailed in the photos), very simplistic window frame that can be elaborated more on, and simple doors that could be improved too.

Overall? It’s just very simple and lacks detail but the work with the tables and chairs was good in how it was simple and the floor was well done.

It would be good for a old style low poly game but not as much if you want an aesthetically pleasing build.

Lighting is subpar, looks a little bland and gives it that old style low poly feel.

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This is great but make it less dark add some lights maybe, make the windows less dark?
but if you going for a classroom that is at night good job!

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It could use some light.Its to dark

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Add something to the back, where there are books or something.

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Lack of lighting and shadows make it that bit more creepy; but it’s still a very nice build. Good job!

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Glad my intention is easily recognizable :slight_smile:

A lot of what other people have said still apply though, There is much to add to this scene.