Does my game have a chance?

Hey guys I’ve posted a few times on here asking for feedback and I’ve changed up my game a lot. Now I just want a bit of feedback on how it is now, because I’m not sure if it is the sort of game that would take off when finished.

Ok without further ado, allow me to introduce…

Gear Box Battles!

It’s a round based pvp game where you collect randomly spawning boxes that will give you a random gear to fight with. The player with the most KOs at the end of the 10 minute match time will win!!!

My vision for the game is for there to be chaos at all times. Some guy is shooting a killer whale gun, another guy is using some super sword move. Someone else is shooting rockets. Everything is just going crazy.

There are about 100 gear roughly, all of them I ripped out of the catalog. I plan on making my own to add in later, but I just wanted to get working catalog gear so that I could see how the game actually played.

There are 3 maps, two are just Roblox maps (crossroads and chaos canyon). The last one is rocket arena but I expanded it a bit with more content. The thing is I’m a terrible builder, so I tend to just recycle old roblox maps that are up for grabs.

I did however get rid of the old plastic studs and inlets and made the game look a little better.


A fully working shop, since the one I have right now is really bare. But it does work. I want coins to be a thing, that you can earn or buy in the shop with robux.

I definitely want music to be playing, as the game can feel lackluster when it’s just silence while killing each other.

Hints to appear on how to use a gear while its equipped

My major concern:
I feel like the game can be a bit confusing. That’s what I was going for, but when I advertised a little while ago, I noticed some people getting frustrated that they had no idea what was happening or how to use any gear they were given.

Also if a good player got a good weapon, they would sort of rule the server. I’ve been doing some balancing but still, if I balance too much it takes away from the vision of the game.

Anyways, any feedback is appreciated guys, I know it’s hard to get a feel for the game when barely anyone is playing but if you have time and want to jump in for a few minutes thatd be awesome


Lemme give it a shot, perhaps i will make a vid on it
My channel name is MightyCarlosLP

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I’ll probably make a new reply when I play your game, but here are some thoughts I have about your two problems.

  1. Maybe put some description in the game. Maybe place a little help gui into the game or whatnot. This game concept has been done before (I don’t have the link to the game, sorry) and the concept was described so simply in the title of the game and the design of the item giver, in this case it was a gear with a ROBLOX gift card as the icon. Redesign your item boxes to look like something simple and easily understandable, like the item boxes in Mario Kart or maybe leave a box with a gun inside of it.

  2. There are 2 ways to handle this. 1 is just make the guns more equal. While may potentially take away from the fun, it’s an easy solution to the problem or, 2, make the guns a limited power lifespan, reverting the player to a basic pistol or something. This is sort of what Arsenal does. While you can have a good gun, you lose it immediately because of how the game works. This can also play into the aspect of having a box with the gun already inside of it, because then you know what to fight for, a super weapon.


Although I really like the style and overall feeling of this game I have some recommendations.

I’d first really say that I love the type of old-style this game has, it gives me a really big 2014 through 2016 vibe.

In my opinion, if you want something to get big, you have to make it attractive to children and attractive overall. Add some bright colors up in there!

My second recommendation is to add some more in the description. For example: Fight to the death! Who will be the winner?"

Add some social media. Do you have a twitter account? Add some social media links or make an update blog.

All in all, I really do appreciate the style you are going for here. In my opinion, try to make it attractive to children or anyone really. The front page of the game seems kind of bland to me. Maybe try to add a trailer?

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I have played it, and with fighting games these days its hard to keep a community, because if there is no one online on the game or nothing to do the person will just leave the game and it will continue on like that,
My idea is to put some kind of item or NPC that you could fight with or do something with

Because to be honest, in the first 40 seconds playing alone i just looked around the map and left, Also I think you could add music as you said.

Also if people join they could just fight eachother and if you add Bots to fight with, you should probably get them removed when people joined over a limit.