Does my game need to be better?

Hello Developers!
I came here to ask a question. I am currently making a game, and I have everything planned out. I dont want to say too much details, but you click on things and go to different worlds. Its not as basic as I said, but thats the structure. After I started making some of the things, I realised, the players arent being awared anything really for playing. Players dont have any reasons to play for long and try get there stats up, because it wont do anything. So I came here for feedback, how can I improve this? I thought of something like adding duels, but whats your opinion?


You should add stuff like boosts, or maybe strength so people can fight eachother, etc.


I was thinking about this. I am not the most skilled so im trying to keep everything as simple as I can, thanks for your response i will take it into account


No problem. [I hate roblox character limit, do you?]


Yep lol [character limit character limit]


I think the Duels idea will be a very good concept for player retention, you can also try buffs/powerups.


Give your players something to spend those stats on, make a progression system aswell as a currency system. Another good way to help your game stay alive is to introduce some kind of a world editor so players can visit and interact with eachother’s worlds. You can learn from many other popular games that do this. Geometry Dash, for example, has been relying on community made levels for a long time now, due to the lack of new in-game content by the developer. And I see many new and old games implementing a world / level / map editor to keep relevant too.


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