Does my RenderFidelity really works?

Hey I’m Ryxku and I wanted to ask everyone if the RenderFidelity works correctly or not.

I’m aware there’s a similar topic about RenderFidelity but this one is from 2021 : Not completely sure how RenderFidelity works

We’re in 2024 and I think RenderFidelity works differently.

So actually I’m trying to optimize my level for mobile players.
And I notice all my meshes don’t act in the same way in “Automatic”.
Some do nothing, some become low poly.
And… How far I look at them, doesn’t change anything!
So I was wondering if it’s a bug or not!
This is a meshpart, as you can I see I’m in front of it :

Here a basic bevelled cube :

When I put it in automatic, it goes low poly no matters.

Here another cube, it has more polygons because I used a boolean in!

That’s how it always look in automatic

That’s why I currently think the doc is outdated, let me know what you see on your Roblox Studio :

RenderFidelity never worked to begin with, automatic always sets it to minimum

From my topic, it’s not always the case!
This mesh is not displayed in low poly when I set to automatic :