Does not go through union

how i can fix it?

Set UnionOperation.CollisionFidelity to Hull.

it don’t fixes the problem

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Try PreciseConvexDecomposition.

don’t fixing the problem again :hugs:

Then it must be something stopping you from going into the hole. Try searching for parts that could be blocking the path.

deleted all parts from the game and nothing

Remake your union… and BEFORE you union the parts, make sure they are all Non-collide and Anchored.

Also if your union is too large, the hole won’t register as big enough for you to enter it properly… this is a limitation of large unions. Decrease the size of your union compared to the size of that hole.

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Is it possible for unions to turn off cancollide?? That would allow you to go through it. Just go to the property tab and make sure cancollide is not checked.

Op does not want to not collide with the big green union, only the hole part, which you cannot assign the cancollide property to just the hole. It has to be done to the negated part before you union and then when unioning the negated you will get the hole.

Oh he should of made it all separate.

As stated by @RMofSBI big Unions with small holes will not make a hole you can get into. It’s basically a percentage problem.
A 6x8 stud doorway in a 200x50 stud wall won’t let you through, but a 6x8 hole in a 20x10 wall shouldn’t give you any problems.

There are so many posts about this though, next time try using the Search tool up top! :slight_smile:

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I reccomend using MaximumADHD/CloneTrooper1019’s Mesh Optimization Tools plugin to find the part that is obstructing the player.