Does publish whole game transfer datastores?

There’s no general support category so I will put this here.

Does publish whole game also transfer the datastores ascociated with that game with it, so like, if I were to publish a game to a new game, would that transfer the datastores?

No, it does not affect Data Stores.


That’s a good question, I wonder if the upcoming universe scripts and game services will allow something of this nature :smiley:

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Ah, well that’s unfortunate. I was transferring a game to a new group today so I was hoping that there was an easy way to transfer the data, but I had a plan for if this didn’t work, I just didnt want to inplement it.

At the worst case, you could probably setup and external server that’s connected to a Database for a short time and save data there for awhile, then after you switch you can load the data from that external server and save to the Datastore instead. Of course theirs bound to be data loss so I can’t say this would be a great idea. But it does give players a window of opportunity to maintain their data.

Of course though, it might just be better off to do a wipe, to keep players on a level playing field.

No it probably wouldn’t. Universe scripts don’t run cross-game. They’re intended for running code at a level where you can interact with all your places. Think of the flow like MessagingService but with scripts.

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