Does Roblox purge old games?

I’m not sure if anyone here can answer my question. But I will ask anyways. Does Roblox purge old games on the platform? I’m referring to games where the are no active players joining the games in months or years. Just a thought.

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No they dont purge games I think, there is this game from 2012 and I imagine more out there from an even earlier year

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Nope, I still have my 2012 games… for now

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Wow, Roblox must be filled with old games likes this. I guess I will manually remove my old games that no one is playing.

Thanks for your feedback

If Roblox paid me, I would purge all of the old games on the platform for them. :grinning::sunglasses:

Why would you want to remove parts of Roblox’s history, and all of what made it to be the platform it is today? (Which funnily enough Roblox itself is completely destroying with the recent changes).

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Good point, I didn’t consider that argument.


As what I know atm, no, starting place from as early as 2014 is still there, also, it is not reasonable for roblox to purge people’s possibly hard work from years ago anyways.

Not an argument, but all the old games have outdated scripts and music that is probably against the new copyright TOS.

Just a point,

That only means you should purge the music, not the games themselves (except for kill your self tycoon, why was that game up for so long)

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