Does Roblox still use the FBX importer from autodesk and are developers allowed to create their own importer?

Good morning, it’s me! So last night I found out something that probably many of you knew before me, that the FBX file has no official documentation. This sounds quite normal at first, but if you work with your own (or from another source and modified) mesh importer this can really suck later. I was planning to create a plugin to import some special animations into Roblox, and since I found out with a little sniff that FBX supports these special animations I found it perfect. Just to talk a little bit about it in general to help you better understand my idea, but now comes the main point:
Because there is geine documentation for this date format, you can’t script your own importer and you are forced to find one. That’s how I came across this reply here:

This means that Roblox did not script its own importer, but got/bought one. Since it is so, does that mean that you are forced to find or buy an FBX importer or that you can still try to script your own importer?

Nothing is preventing you from trying to script your own importer.

Also, something like Autodesk importer is most likely written in C++ (also the programming language Roblox client is written in). You code Roblox plugins in Lua so you wouldn’t be able to use those importers anyways. I know there is C API in Lua but Roblox Lua is sandboxed too heavily for that.

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