Does Roblox support 3D-8D and bass music?

I’ve seen several topics addressed to similar issues but none mentioned uploading already 3d/bass boosted audio.

3D sound uses left ear/right ear to create the illusion of being in a live performance etc, would Roblox simply neutralize this effect leaving it to only both ears? Does Roblox support bass boosted music?
Or would all the music lose the 3d/8d/bass effects after passing through Roblox?

I could test this but I’m not specifically interested in spending robux to upload and test it, I’m just curious whether anyone has had previous experience working with 3d or bass and has tried uploading them.

(This might seem like a dumb question but I have little experience working with music)

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There are no such thing as 3D or 8D. There are only three types:

  • Mono - refers to the sound coming from one side.
  • Stereo - refers to the sound coming from two sides, left and right panning.
  • Binaural - refers to the sound coming from different corners of the “space”, it’s just edited frequencies of the sound in each ear.

For bass sounds, they boosted 40-300Hz range to gain the extra thick sound. Sometimes adding distortion.

In terms of moderation, it shouldn’t be a problem, unless you upload something super distorted(digital distortion, probably) or too loud.

3D audio:

3D music is just normal music, but it makes a user feel more involved in the experience. An example is someone shooting to the left of you, so a gun sound will be heard to the left side of headphones. This already exists in Roblox as Roblox is normally a 3D platform. Other forms of games are possible, such as 2D, but most games happen to be 3D.

As for 8D audio:

8D audio just means the audio playing goes to the left side then the right side of the users headphones. I don’t know think you could change already existing audios on Roblox only in Studio, but there are programs that would allow you to make / change music into “8D audio”. YouTube could have some videos on the topic. Reverb also helps with “8D audio”.

There are a lot of things that go into 8D audio. Here is a video that might help:

( Skip a minute if you don’t want an intro )

For stereo/panning music, would it stay binaural after moderation or would it become mono?

I think it’ll stay binaural if the sound’s mix remains the same. The effect will remain on global audio, but not when you’re putting it in an object(instantly turns mono).

So if I played it via a script in server script device it would stay binaural, compared to playing it in an object in workspace which would become mono?

If I interpret that correctly as the sound being parented to anything else but BasePart(s) or equivalent ones in Workspace, definitely.