Does roblox take a 90% Marketplace Fee?

I recently tested some products for a game I’m developing, and I noticed I was only receiving 10% in pending Robux of what I sold, I have premium.

Is this the correct marketplace fee?


These are Developer Products??

The leaf tokens are dev products, the boombox is a gamepass.

I got 4 robux from the 40 robux of dev products sold, and 7 from the boombox gamepass.

I would say this is the wrong category, but the fee is 30% for both premium and non premium. Talking about Developer Products and gamepasses.

Either they have changed over time and I haven’t noticed, or it’s just a bug. God knows.


Are you sure you’re checking the correct place? All of the products are in a group, and will only show up in the group’s pending sales. The 11 pending robux might be your account’s pending sales. Try checking the group’s pending sales.


This is the group’s pending sales.

Silly me, I forgot I had myself on 90% payout. Sorry for the trouble, my apologies.

By the way, I see you’re buying your own dev product. You know that testing on studio is the same as in-game right?

Yup, I’m fully aware of that. Was just buying them in game for fun.

You also should know that having premium has no affect on marketplace fee for NBC users, that was removed almost a year or two back.

its 70 percent profit for all users now