DOES scaling everything up/making everthing bigger impact performance / lag / memory?

Hi all,

I’ve read repeatedly that making parts/meshes/humanoids/decals/etc. bigger than standard will impact memory and/or performance, and also that making everything smaller will do the opposite.

But I haven’t been able to find out whether that’s true and why.

It is relevant now for me because terrain is at a set resolution and the only way to do what i want is to make eveything else bigger, because i cant make the resolution smaller.

but would that be stupid/very unwise? Im planning to put a lot of parts on this map…

thank you for any insight anyone can give me on this

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Scaling everything up will not use more memory. However, it will use more processing power as a lot more of it is used for lighting to render the scene. Roblox uses 4x4 voxels. If you scale everything up, there are more voxels to render.


aha thank you. in your view, does it have a big impact?

edit: let me clarify: would it be a stupid thing to do?

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If having high resolution terrain is very important for the functioning of your game, it’s a reasonable compromise. Otherwise, if the terrain isn’t an integral part of your game, it shouldn’t be a priority to scale it purely for aesthetics.