Does teleporting between places give visits?

Pretty self explanatory - I know visits are awarded when teleporting from experience to experience, but what about places within the same experience?

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Yes it does
Despite that places are owned to main game, it will gather the visits to the place where you would teleport


So places have visits too? Or is it just all part of the experience’s visits?

For example, let’s say I have Place1 (intro) and Place2 (game)

If the player joins the game, the starting place is Place1, the intro, so +1 experience visit there. After the intro, it’ll bring them to Place2, the actual game. So +1 experience visit there as well.

So in total, my experience gets 2 visits from that?

Well, yes we can say that Places can gather visits
And it is true that game is actually getting extra visits because Game’s places are childrens so they do give the game else visits

So this interaction will give the experience 2 visits, correct?

sorry to bump this, still confused how place visits are counted in experience and place interactions