Does these look realistic?

I’m trying to make a realistic looking game, do you think these look realistic for a Roblox game?

Any feedback is appreciated!


Looks pretty realistic but I would lower the ExposureCompensation so that it doesnt look so bright.

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Looks pretty alright but the way how sharply the road changes it’s direction looks bad

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Far too much smoke unless the car is very damaged

so here’s everything you need to change in order to make this look more realistic

  1. make the road smoother, its too sharp,
  2. The terrain is very basic I would add more types of terrain around the road, like a bit of gravel around the road,
  3. add more kinds of trees and rocks
  4. the tree always looks the same so I would suggest resizing it and rotate often
  5. I would try more materials on the car and some different reflectance.

(the lighting and road are bad here but I just wanted to show what you could do with terrain to improve it)

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Yeah the car looks pretty nice, but there’s to much particles.

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Ya there’s to much smoke, also the car looks more cartoon than realistic. Try using pars and better materials

Use PBR textures for the road and also PBR for the car’s headlights. Also add in skid marks when a car drifts.


Looks pretty darn realistic. Make the area of ground around the road smaller though; more of it should be grass.