Does this data table include premium payouts?

and why is the spreadsheet I got has 5000 robux difference I used the csv file and added up all of the sales and for some reason the totals are different

I don’t think so, because I get premium payouts and 0 for Robux Revenue

but why are the calculations wrong!

IDK, but I clicked on the little question mark beside Robux Revenue on the main dev stats page and it says (before Marketplace fee is applied). So maybe that’s the difference.

Roblox tax maybe? There’s different percentages of robux taken for each item type. (If you knew this, Pretend I didn’t just say that because I would feel really dumb)

oh yeah that makes sense because 16k of robux there’s maybe 5k in tax

Gotta love the way Roblox commits robbery legally instead of charging more for robux