Does this game breaks any roblox rules?

Hello. I want to make a game which you have to be a seller and drive trucks and pass the border like illegal trades with trucks and passing bored now im wondering does this break any Roblox rule? (im not gonna add blood(maybe a little))


Well, I can’t speak for Roblox, but they’ve never taken issue with ‘illegal’ themes before (Jailbreak, Notoriety, etc) but definitely steer clear of anything that could be construed as drugs.


If you think its against TOS then just don’t do it at all. Just check the rules and check none of it is in your game.

If you think its against roblox’s TOS, then don’t do it. Check the TOS first, then make sure you don’t have anything that is against the rules.

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Anything Illegal Immigration wise is not allowed on Roblox, since it is a serious problem.

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