Does this have the potential to get DMCA'ed?

I recently ran into a DMCA takedown with my latest game, and I’m looking to overhaul it so it doesn’t infringe on any rights.

We made a new character, this is what we came up with:

Along with a cane for the weapon.

The game is in no way inspired from Granny, but I wondered if this has any potential in terms of a DMCA takedown if it came down to it.

I don’t see how it could possibly happen, seeing no inspiration was taken from Granny specifically, and the game does not revolve around the same concept as Granny at all.

I appreciate any feedback.

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I think you’ve guessed correctly. The first thing I thought of the image before even reading the post was Granny. I don’t think the original creators of the actually Granny game are the ones requesting a DMCA takedown (if it is then that would be shocking).


There’s multiple Granny games in roblox. No way you’re getting DMCA’ed in this case

Good luck with your project!