Does this logo look good?

Please reply with your honest opinion (I’m not really good with making logos)…


It’s called watermark, I added it just to make sure that no one would copy it…

If the theme of the game and feeling you wish the icon to eminent is disgust, it’s perfect.
I’m assuming that a poop picking sim is intended to be gross so it pretty much nails it.

One change I might recommend is changing the shading of the game name words. Specifically “Poop” is too dark of a shade. Keep in mind that this logo is going to get shrunk into a tiny little spot on the web page, so you want bright colors to catch the eye/attention of the viewer. Darker colors tend to blend in as they’re more natural so many businesses use bright colored words in their advertisements to stick-out.

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Yes you are right, the shading of the word “Poop” is indeed too dark, I would change it rn.
Thanks for letting me know :slight_smile:

this is how it looks like as a game icon:

EDIT: This is the brighter version:


One word to describe this graphics design: OddlyGodly.


Looks really good and fits with the theme. However, I feel the black background on the ‘New’ banner kills the theme. I’m not a graphic designer nor do I have much experience in the field but I feel that it should be more eye-catching like the rest of the icon. However, good job!

I agree, maybe instead of new, He could use Beta, or something like that? Also, happy birthday!

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It wasn’t necessarily what the text says and that’s up to him. Beta and new are different things, depending on the development stage. Beta represents the fact that the game is playable but there might be lots of bugs. New could mean in development, beta or newly released. Also, thanks! :slight_smile:


I agree with @Polyheximal on this one.

I would personally opt for an orange banner with white text, as this compliments the green theme. I made a quick example below:


@Polyheximal and @ForeverHD, I really appreciate the suggetions, thanks a lot! :smiley:
I changed the icon, this is how it’ll look like:

and happy bd Polyheximal!


Looks a lot better and more striking, good job! Also, thanks! :slight_smile:

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In my opinion the yellow “simulator” text doesnt fit with the colour scheme of the icon. Either make it green, or make it green and make the “picking” brown as well.

Maybe match the shade of orange used in the new banner? Tho it could end up too dark so maybe a few shades lighter

I’ve changed the orange color to a little bit stronger orange. Also added rays to the background.

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I really like the icon, another change you might want to consider is the following:
You can maybe change the slope of the text so it flows a bit better.
Or like this example:
(Or consider removing the slope altogether and just keep the text horizontal.)

For the sunrays in the background, you can add a little gradient to the center of it so it blends together a little better. Example:

The vector you used is also nice.


Haha, nice game.

I would make the logo text larger, and I would also maybe add a little starburst effect behind it all to give the background more flavor. Regardless, it looks nice!

Edit: Looks like it was already mentioned :stuck_out_tongue:

A rule i like to use is the squint test. If you squint your eyes and can: 1. still understand the idea being communicated and 2. still read the text then things are great. Things will look great on your system, but then you drop it on a cell phone and the same may not be true. That is shy I like the squint test.

  1. The word POOP has some problems. Squint and it becomes unclear.
  2. The characters could use bigger eyes. Look at POOP emoji samples :poop: and you’ll see what I mean.