Does this look attractive?

I made this icon for my game and just wanna know if it looks attractive. Yes the background zombies are rendered in blender if your wondering.

  • Looks attractive
  • Just good.
  • Does not look attractive at all.

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Image composition looks empty (not much going on or suggesting anything for the players to understand more about your game), typography is soul less, the picture also looks very dark, hard to see, the title is not standout enough as in the background is distracting. Overall, not attractive enough to call that an icon for you game, although I like the color and how i highlight the word decay with red. 3.5/10


I am trying to go for an empty like design as the games meant to be sort of a horror game.

That is literally my goal lol.

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I accidentally pressed “Looks attractive” instead of “Just good.” @NoxhazeI

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I’m on the highest brightness, and I can’t make out any zombies. The text looks fine, but the background may need some work! And by attractive, I’m personally not attracted by text. So maybe you meant, Does this look good?

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I Think it’s attractive, its just that you can’t see it.

I Don’t know what you mean it’s on the highest setting?

I Lightened it up and it already looks a lot better.
fc99dd30f5647e76965032a3f1f2db230b795324_2_500x500 (1)
Great job!



yeah same, i ment to do the same but clicked Does not look attractive at all, mb

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Yea I am trying to say does it look good or not? And it seems like its a monitor issue for you because I can see the zombies more clearer than anything!

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It just simply looks too plain for my likings.

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I am a simple guy you see. I don’t like anything too cluttered.


Maybe change the font to make it a little more creepy / spooky? I think that would help a lot.

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Thats reasonable. I feel like all those things(Idk if they are zombies or not) look boring cause they are in the same pose.

Its great though!

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Emptiness doesn’t relate to horror if there is no context given to suggest so, there are so little to the icon that is eyes catching and everything I said previously. I also just saw a lighted up version of your icon and all the zombies stand like they are robots instead of blood thirsty killing machines (the stand is awkward and again soul less).

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I though about this during the day and I noticed this:

You can see layers in the icon. Thats a real pet peeve for me, but thats my constructive critisim.

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I made them stand like robots because the icon is already gonna reveal only 1% of the zombies that is their eyes and nothing else.

It sure does to mysteriousness in my medical opinion.

Its not meant to be a HORROR HORROR game more of a FPS horror game.

It is aesthetically pleasing to look at but it probably wouldn’t draw in many players because it is too dark and empty

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If its aesthetically good then thats all that I need.