Does this look like an appartment room?

From 2020 to more recently, I’ve been remaking an appartment which will appear in my first game, and since I’m making and appartment that’s more middle-class looking, does this look like an appartment room?

UPDATE: I should of mentioned earlier that I was refering to the layout and how the objects are placed more than the visual material look, I already had that in mind, but I thought it wasn’t important when I put that image for feedback, but as I learned, it really is. But hey, thanks for the feedback regardless.
Oh and yes, I’m a new builder.


It does, this probably isn’t finished but it looks great so far! Make sure to put up some posters and windows.

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Well, I intended to be modern, at least because my first game takes place in 2019, but thanks regardless!

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For your first game, very well done. I can’t wait to see the development of your games as you get more and more talented! Once again, great work!

Yeah, I know it’s not finished, the reason I asked is because I wondered if the progress so far is great, but don’t worry, it will be finished, also thanks for the advice, oh, and uh, does it look too tight and claustrophobic?

It looks fine to me, its just whoever is living in its preference to be honest, every apartment is laid out different, but the look of it is the reflection of the owners personality.
You do not need to change it, it already looks perfect to me, and has great potential, good job!

A suggestion would be to add a material to the different parts of the room and use materials. That way it doesnt look so plain.

I have to be honest with you man, if this was some classic roblox style build from like 2010 (basically like years ago) I would’ve said its not bad.

Im assuming your a new builder? Honestly it does not look like an actual apartment. Give some life to it by adding colors to the walls , floor and ceiling and textures as well.

The people above me are just being kind to you but i’d be lying to you if i said if this was a masterpiece.

However, as a beginner i would say its not a bad start and keep building and improve your skills over time. Wish you the best!

It vaguely resembles an apartment room. I use the term vaguely due to the lack of detail and refinement.

To improve this:

  • Add some detail to the walls. An apartment would definitely have some form of textured wall - possibly wallpaper. It could do with shelves, lights, etc.
  • I advise you make use of lighting to create the atmosphere of an apartment.
  • On top of lighting, there are no shadows, making each of these assets feel very out of place.
  • The building is a good start, however each asset looks too ‘blocky’ and lacks any real sort of shape. I advise using a reference image for each asset in the room so you can create things to appear more life-like.
  • The colour scheme isn’t great; the lighter wood colour on the table and the darker wood colour on the bed don’t blend together very well. The desk is also completely grey, and so is the monitor and keyboard.

His apartment is something you would see in low poly games like Town of Robloxia (if you ever played that game). Its the classic roblox style build and honestly i dont mind but like if this guy is aiming for the perfect realistic apartment then obviously this is far from it

I already had that in mind, just asked recently because I wonder if the progress so far looks good and if the layout (which I definitely should of mentioned) and spacing is right.

Honestly it looks very bare. Try to add more color and chaos to the room instead of being a neat place. Try to place pillows, books, trophies, plants, posters, etc. Put in windows to let the sunlight stream in, and tweak the lighting.

I recommend to change the material of the walls, and add plants
The bed looks realistic wood, but the computer and the table looks like… more like a cartoon style, so i recommend to change that materials too :grinning:

Not too bad so far.
However, I would encourage you to stray away from using free models (assuming the bed is the one made by Roblox).
That will overall improve the quality and view of your game.

While it has a basic apartment look, the entire structure looks bland and unfinished I’m curious this is still in development regarding the early progress done to it. The apartment looks kinda tight, if you view a few reference images related to the style you’re going for, you will see it incorporates a few details that define the modern style.

Try to include materials and a variety of color choices, after all, it looks fine already since it’s just the start of it; in my opinion, it looks more like a dorm than an apartment add more width and length to the room. Everything should be spaced out in different corners of the room.

Not bad. Maybe change the wall colors and add some lights and a window. Overall I love it.

I would get rid of the bed, or move it to a bedroom as it looks kinda odd in the living room, unless its a studio apartment

Looks good! You should put the bed and desk somewhere in a room like what a hotel would look like, maybe also add a wardrobe/dresser near by too if you want :slight_smile:

Yep, it’s still in development, I just asked this because I wonder if the layout doesn’t feel off.