Does this look like an oil rig/oil platform so far?


(This build is not close to finish), but so far, does this look like an oil rig/oil platform, or not really? How can I give the feel that it is an oil platform/rig, and how can I improve it?

Again, this is not finished. And you can also reply about stuff that I can add in the future of development for this, to make it look like an oil rig.


One question, why is a container ship docked at an oil platform island?
I’ve never seen containers stacked at a dock so out of alignment.

Oh well, that has to do with the story of the game. To keep things simple, the character (player) snuck onto a cargo ship, which was passing the oil rig, and they needed to get to the oil rig, so they just snuck onto the ship. (This is part of an agent-themed game.)

Once the player is on the oil platform/island area, the ship would then leave the premices and go to its actual destined area.

If you’re talking about this area, I just want to give the impression to the player that the cargo ship rarely goes to the oil platform, and plus I don’t want to bring attention to this area. The only reason why the containers are stacked unevenly and not straight, is because I want it to show that this platform doesn’t really import stuff that much, and that these few containers are used for supplies on the platform… if that makes sense.

lets hope no oil leak :slight_smile:
turn on decoration for terrain
the island is shaped badly, and those platforms sticking out of island don’t look good.
the ship is also just a few studio pieces, you should get a ship model, to make more realistic.

Decoration is on, it’s just not shown in the picture because of the render distance.

How would I make it better?

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If you play around a bit with the atmosphere and add some fog, and the color the water to be a bit darker, this this would be bomb! Bushes would help too.

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look at that shape broski