Does this look realistic?

Hi everyone,

Lately I’ve been trying to develop to a point, which is to make games look as realistic as possible on the platform, and I’ve come a long way with it.



Airport by Aviator_Hidden, I simpy made it look “realistic”

What are your thoughts on my development so far, and how can I improve?


It looks very realistic.

The builds are highly detailed and the lighting simply compliments them very well.

You’re asking how to improve - I honestly don’t know how. This is some very high quality work :eyes:


The airport looks a bit to perfect in my opinion. you could add some cracks or some stains on some of the textures. you could also add some random junk and baggage on the ground.


They aren’t really realistic although the third one looks pretty nice. The lighting for the first one is pretty bad though. (some trees that are glowing) The grass also looks way too thick and real grass blades are way thinner and isn’t like a triangle but the modeling is really nice


Thank you, but the building was not really the topic! More like if the liighting made it look realistic. Build was done by Aviator_Hidden as mentioned.


Is this feedback or judging work from April? I asked how to continue improving my lighting, looks like you are judging and looking at the old work.

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Yes, these builds look incredibly realistic! For me, I’d say you don’t need to change anything. Because it looks like a lot of time and effort are put into these. Good job!


Built by Aviator_Hidden, Realistic Lighting by VoloRBX. I have nothing to do with the airport itself, other than taking my own pictures. All credits go to him

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