Does this mean anything bad?

I don’t know what this is… I am working in Roblox Studio and then all of the sudden I see this when testing:

I don’t know what this means so can someone explain this?
God bless you.

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It means that there is nothing inside “Scripts” called mode (not considering if you will move something there with a script)

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But i did not make any scripts that have anything related to that…

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It says cloud_218303841, so I’m assuming it’s just a plugin erroring

Get rid of old plugins you don’t use and see if it goes away.

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Ok. I will try that and will let you know if it helps.

Sadly that did not work… : /

Ok. Do you by chance know how to fix that?

Uninstall your plugins, reinstall the ones you need

So you mean uninstall ALL of them or the ones i dont need?

The ones you don’t need, or you can uninstall one by one until that doesn’t appear in your output

I have a good amount of plugins that I use or know that i will need for sure in the future so that will take a long time. But my question is not that… Does it mean anything bad or not?

It does not, it wont do anything to your game. The plugin might not work but the game will

Ok thanks! Thats all i needed :smiley: