Does this Pc setup look good in Roblox?

I tried My best to make a good pc setup Any suggestions on this setup?


It honestly looks very low effort and doesn’t even have a mouse or keyboard. Try finishing it a bit and add some detail.


Calling something “low effort” means that there isn’t much, if any, detail and it could look better if more time and thought was put into it. It can still be considered constructive with the right context, in this case, it is.

THIS is not criticism. This is just rude and not necessary.


It’s a good start!
But the effort you put into to this could have been a lot more!
Keep working and you will get better and better!

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not a tower thing >:c its the computer

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no, its called the computer/computer box
and, yes, it isn’t very good… Try to add some detail to the computer box, it just looks very plain right now.

Ok if that’s what you say, I will try not to be rude in the following posts I make.

Lets stop clogging up the post now, right? And its called the computer case or tower case, but I was talking about the box, my monitor is flat on the ground, so I don’t call it a tower, as it doesn’t tower up.

0/10 no gaming chair

Jokes aside, I think there can be more detail!

Like adding a mouse and keyboard as suggested, and lining this up.


And yes I still think there should be a chair to sit on lol.


You are right I also should try to add a keyboard and mouse. Im not really good at building so im just looking for suggestions on how I should improve it.

There is a chair but its not in the screenshot

You should include it! Will make the setup look more complete and possibly give feedback on the chair

If he doesn’t want criticism then he shouldn’t post it in a feedback catagory, also telling people what they can and cannot do is minimodding and spam.


i will take feedback it does not offend me in anyway that is how you get better at building through constructive critcism


I’m really happy to hear that you can take criticism, it’s one of the key factors to progressing in a area.

Best of luck with your building journey.


I love this design, but it needs more detail.

I was telling him to add more detail, he shouldn’t have wrote that he wanted constructive criticism if he wanted people to sugarcoat their words.

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Can you please clarify? I didn’t get what you are saying.

While everyone is talking about what feedback is, I decided to give some.

Definition of feedback

information about reactions to a product, a person’s performance of a task, etc. which is used as a basis for improvement.

Overall the build doesn’t look very good. Here are some things you can change to make it look better.

  1. The computer tower doesn’t have any detail. Try adding buttons, lights, ports, and wires.
Reference Images


  1. The monitor looks like it’s about to fall over. Try adding another long part behind it to give it some support. I would also suggest adding some buttons behind it and some wires.


  1. Why is the table so long? Rotate the entire setup 90 degrees.

  1. The setup could use a keyboard, mouse, mousepad, and headphones if desired.
Reference Images