Does This Train Fit Well?

Hey there! So Im working on my horror game, and, this sequence takes place in a metro. I was wondering, does this train fit well with the atmosphere of the game? If it doesnt, Ill build/model a new one, if it does, Ill leave it in there.
Please note it isnt mine, as I just used a free model to save time.
Without Lighting:

With Lighting:


Well, to me, it looks slightly out-of-place with its colours. Otherwise, it looks okay.


It looks good, some of the texture/dirtiness on the train makes it fit in less, but it fits in very well without lighting, since it’s not too noticeable.

I gotta say, metro’s roofs are lower.

And the train doesn’t fit, since it’s a diesel train, that cannot be seen in metro.

Yeah, I’ve been debating on removing it. Doesn’t look the greatest at all :/, thanks for your feedback though!

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Yeah, they are, but I prefer to make it bigger since it gives the player that kind of “exploration” vibe, if you get what I’m trying to say. Like, bigger = more exploration. Don’t ask my logic lmao.