Does Velocity exist in Roblox Studio?


a question I am asking to myself is: Does Velocity exist in Roblox Studio, and I mean to get the propertie of the Velocity of a part like this one:


instead of creating a new instance for the Velocity?

I just asking to myself if I can type Part1.Velocity but it doesnt seem work.

If I can use a Velocity which should I use to let a Part move with my keys W, S, D, A to make a effect like in this video:

You just have to click on the link and you will see what I mean the video should start at 8:535 automatically:

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Velocity can be used to move things, yes, but it is quite useless now. It is a deprecated or unused trait of an object. While it still can be used (barely), there are way better ways to move a part, such as BodyForce.

You can research and view some ways to move a part here:

doing Part.Velocity.Magnitude would give the part’s “speed” or velocity

and if I just want the components like x y z?

maybe Part.Velocity.Magnitude.X i guess im not sure cuz i dont use velocity i use vector force or maybe bodyvelocity

So how would you make it with vectorforce?

well too hard to explain just watch vids in yt or something

there are many constraints and bodyforces you can use