Does we earn comissions from Group Games?

Hey some people are using a method to “get robux back” from buying items on MarketPlace with comissions from roblox It works when the game is on a profile
but what about if the game is owned by a group?
and if it receives commissions too, how much days need wait for i receive it?
and works with Private Games?

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Well if you get commissioned, you can either accept robux via group funds or Gamepass/Clothing. If you are old enough you can accept paypal possibly cyrtocurrency.

If you are on about game purchases, if you are the owner of the game you get the robux, whereas if you are the owner of the group it will be stored in the group, you can then decide to pay yourself or others.

Hope this clears things up :smiley:

Does it works with private games too?

Yeah it should do. I assume private game means only you can access it, or group members.

I’m pretty sure you don’t. I heard that they removed earnings for yourself off of commissions.
If you could earn robux from commissions that would make that update redundant, as you could simply use an alt as the owner of the group and pay out robux to yourself.

From my experience, there’s no way to get commisson in group games. No matter what I’ve tried I’ve never managed to get any commission from them.

is what cpguy5089 said in this post. (you can check it out if you’d like)