Doggy - Update Log


Update Log

Update 1-27-2024

Bug Fixes
Game crashes when hitting the ‘back’ button
Coins not showing up in the Main Menu
Fixed some UI scale issues

Christmas Event
Christmas Themed Cards

Limited Time
‘Icicle’ Is now on sale!

Get XP when beating a chapter
Improvements to Cutscenes

MAJOR Changes
Intro Cutscene to introduce the story

More UI Improvements
Updated XBOX controls
Become a ghost when you die
Ragdolls return
Updated Chapter 2 (intro cutscene only)

Update Archive

Update 8-26-22
  • Full Release of Game
  • New ‘Alpha’ Skin
  • Major Bug Fixes
Update 9-17-22

Bug Fixes

  • Optimized Game, hopefully reducing lag
  • Fixed Doggy AI Walking Through Closed Doors
  • Fixed No Coins on Chapter Exit
  • Fixed Stun Item Sometimes Breaking
  • Fixed cutscene spelling errors


  • New Main Menu Scene/Music
  • New Items in Shop
  • Re-designed keys
  • New Stun Item (Bone) + UI
  • Removed Skip button on intro cutscene
  • New Interact UI
  • New Stun Animation
  • Notice on Stun
  • Console Support
  • More Chests
  • Spread Out Item Spawns
  • New Door (Gold)
  • Added Text colors to distinct from you and the NPCs
  • Edited exit cutscene
  • New Mode Voting UI
  • Changed the crawl animation
Update 10-9-22

Event - Doggyween 2022
Candy Hunt Spooktacular


  • New ‘Killer’ Skin
  • New ‘Pumpkin’ Skin
  • New Event UI
  • Changed Scenery to Fall
  • Weather in Main Menu
  • All keys are re-designed
  • ‘+’ icon now works next to currency
Update 12-17-22

Happy Holidays!:christmas_tree:

Event - Doggymas 2022
Secret Stocking Hunt

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where UI sometimes breaks
  • Fixed Issue where Menu UI would show before Menu Scene


  • New ‘Claws’ Skin
  • New ‘Santa Hat’
  • Added Snow to Main Menu
  • Doggy is now covered in snow! :snowflake:
  • New Festive Main Menu Music
  • New ‘Icicle’ Skin
  • Added ‘Infection’ Game mode
Update 1-7-2023


  • Removed Stocking Hunt
  • ‘Santa Hat’ is now off sale
  • ‘Claws’ is now off sale
  • ‘Icicle’ can no longer be awarded


  • ‘Nightmare’ Game-mode
  • Chapter 1 re-model
  • Updated Chapter 1 cutscene
  • Gold Door is now accessible
  • New Chests and Keys
  • Updated some UI elements
  • New Traps
  • Game Startup Message
  • More Purchasable Coins using ‘+’ icon
Update 3-14-23

Removed Winter Themed Main Menu
Removed holiday attire from ‘Friend’ in main menu
Removed holiday themed music in Main Menu
Removed Winter items from Chapter 1
Removed some items from the shop (content deleted items)

Bug Fixes
Fixed issue where doggy sometimes gets stuck on corners
Fixed Issue where Interact UI sometimes doesn’t show up
Fixed some items breaking on cutscenes

Refined Shop UI
Game modes are now determined by server size
Create a Character (CAC) improvements
New body colors added
Major UI Improvements
Reworked areas of Chapter 1
Weather added to Main Menu for Spring (rain) Winter (snow) Fall (rain) Summer (rain)
Increased player count to 8
Added Ban List
New Chat Tags
Major backend changes

Update 4-1-23

Removed Crouch
Removed Anti-Camp

Bug Fixes
Doggy being smart
Cutscenes being too serious
Doggy not having jump ability

Chapter 2 :rofl:
New Main Menu
This is a DECOY?
Doggy Can Camp Exit

Update 4-12-23

Bug Fixes
Game sometimes giving less coins than needed
Bones currency not visible in store or main menu
Doggy taking to long to respond to game startup

WIP (These Features are still a WIP)
Bones (Spend robux to get bones for now)

Chapter 2 :house_with_garden:
Player + Bot game mode (requires 4 or more players)
New game mechanics
Enhanced Cutscenes
Updated Main Menu (Secrets enabled)
New Abilities
New VIP Gamepass and Chat Tag
‘Ghost’ Skin

Update 5-6-23

Bug Fixes
Items getting stuck
Doggy Cam not always showing
Start Message not showing after cutscene

‘Golden’ Skin
Updated Chapter 2
Stun Notice now tells you how long Doggy is stunned for
Updated ‘Click Door’ Variants in Chapter 1
:sound: Updated Jumpscare and Door Sounds
:mechanical_arm: ‘Buff’ Ability
Doggy is now stunned for 30 seconds
:bone: Unlock bones by completing quests/seasonal challenges
:computer: Updated Main Menu and Jumpscare UI
:person_curly_hair: Removed Avatar Creator

Update 6-26-23

Bug Fixes
Chapter 2 Red Room not working properly
Minor Quest fixes

Known Issues
Stop bugging me about this I know the key system doesn’t work with the safes half the time but other systems require me to change the entire code of the game be patient while I work on a fix god damn

Updated mechanics
Updated Main Menu Scene
Updated Chapter 1 (revamp 2 soon)
Updated Cutscenes
Updated Music
Made more stuff interactive
Performance Enhancements
UI Changes
Ability changes
Chapter timer is now based on map sizes
Updated Chapter 2 Red Room

New Mechanics In Trial
Input code in keypad (Chapter 1 Only)

Update 7-16-23

Bug Fixes
Key grabbing improvements

Minor click detection changes
Code UI instead of item
Changes to Chapter 1 Setup
Made Chapter 1 a tad bit smaller
Minor UI changes

Update Hint
Jump Over Bakery+Deli Counter when opening the Nougat Door

Update 8-26-23


Bug Fixes
Fixed various glitches in Chaoter 1
Fixed various duplication glitches in shop
Fixed various items not being picked up
Fixed items sometimes getting stuck in Chapter 1 pipe
Fixed issues where player sometimes dosent get cutscene
Code UI should now dissapear after entering code

Big Changes to Round Systems
Quests changed to Objectives
Changes to Cutscene’s
‘Party’ Skin
Removed Crouch with Crawling anim
‘MagicKey’ Ability
‘DecoyPickup’ sound, this sound is a small ping normal items have a higher and longer sound
Revive for 15 Robux
Increased speed for VIP players
Chapter 1 fully revamped
Collect doggy items and complete ‘Cooper Memorial’ event
New ‘Interactive’ Lobby

Removed ragdolling due to age requirements
Removed the belly blood spatter due to the updated blood requirements

Beta Features
Turn on Breaker Box to Turn Lights on

Update 10-13-23

They say when the leaves start falling and the rain starts pouring down that a dog comes out to play.

When this dog comes out to play he begins looking for his next victim. The question is why? Who created doggy, and can anyone be trusted? Why can’t your friend die or help you escape doggy? Is he really your friend.

He says he is your friend but is he the one who is tied to all the missing people since doggy’s first appearance at the supermarket? What about back at home? Someone was held captive, who knows who was held captive and for how long…

Doggy has chosen YOU as his next victim… you must find all the hidden candy to unlock a secret and help stop the massacres created by Doggy.

Doggyween 2023

Bug Fixes
Fixed various glitches

Renamed ‘Interactive Lobby’
New Logo
Readded Candy Hunt
Rearranged UIs
Updated ‘Pumpkin’ Skin
Updated some UI/UX
Made changes to round systems

Limited Time
3 Doggy Skins
Fall Scenery
New escape cutscene

Lights Off at the start of Chapter 1
‘Party Dog’ is now offsale

Update 11-10-23

You thought it was over after you escaped the house… but DOGGY has TRAPPED you at the edge of Ravenswood🐦

Your only choice is to run to the shadows… but all DOGGY wants is to have some fun but you keep running away…

The massacres are bigger, and the disappearances are only going to get worse… Are you brave enough to finally beat Ravenswood???

Bug Fixes
Patched Duplicate Money Glitch
Patched Animations
Patched Exit Glitches
Scrolling Improvements
Crawling Improvements

Removed Candy Hunt
Removed Halloween Themed Doggy Skins

UI Changes
You can now purchase player cards :flower_playing_cards:
Twitter Codes :bird:

Update 12-15-23

Doggymas 2023

Bug Fixes
Console Navigation
Player Cards still show after clicking “Play” for the second time
“Revive” Was not reviving no purchases made to Revive since its addition to the game
Killing players as Doggy does not give coins
Centered back button text

Limited Time
4 Doggy Skins
Winter Scenery
2 Christmas Cards
2 Winter Cards

Stocking Hunt
‘Snowman’ Skin
‘Ginger’ Skin
Christmas Themed Main Menu
Upgraded Cutscenes
‘Legacy’ Skin
Major UI Improvements
3 non seasonal player cards