Dogutsune's AssetId Cleaner


Hello! Today I have created a plugin which will shorten AssetIds of selected objects in your studio instance!
It is inspired by ClearURLs addon for Firefox, Chrome and Edge.

We all know the automatically generated AssetIds are inconsistent.
Upload a mesh with rig importer, get assetdelivery.
Insert a decal from toolbox, get www.


That means URLs like:

are going to be replaced with


Yep! It doesn’t matter how your http or https link looks like, it should preserve the ID part anyways.


What to remember

I update the classes manually, so there’s a possibility not all instances will be altered.
I recommend posting in this thread when there’s something new.


Known issues

  • None at the moment! Wow!

Other than that, not all properties can have their IDs altered, because of Studio’s limitations. You require better permissions or you just have to do it manually. Sorry!





Thanks for this plugin!

It may seem like a utility plugin at first, but It’s actually pretty useful.

Small but yet pretty useful. Thanks! :slight_smile:

I accidentally left the plugin off-sale.
You can now purchase it.


Any new classes I should consider? Flipbooks seem to be one.

I have noticed that I have missed “ScrollingFrame” instance!
My bad! It should be updated soon, once I find other kind of classes.

Great plugin! No more inconsistent IDs!
I like the way you grouped some classes together so you dont need to copy paste the same properties for other classes.

And actually, it seems like you forgot the “PressedImage” property for ImageButtons
(by the way, can ImageButtons and ImageLabels be in separate groups? Since ImageLabels error when you clean them)
Also the “TerrainDetail” class is missing from the “Mapped” group

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Alright. I will remember about that.
I noticed that sometimes Meshes don’t get altered to a shorter format.

Thank you for feedback.

Long time no see! I’m a very forgetful person, but I have addressed some issues mentioned earlier.

Still not sure why some of the SpecialMeshes don’t get updated. It’s a rare case though.

I have found the issue with some asset IDs. At some point I have stumbled upon this ID for clockwork’s Ruger gun. -- The asset link I found -- What I usually expected

This issue has been corrected in the script from now on.