Dolly Zoom / Vertigo Effect - Increase FieldOfView when looking down

I’ve made a script for increasing the local camera’s field of view whenever you look down!
Just something small I made, which I thought should be a free model.

It behaves like the following GIFs and the effect reverses whenever you don’t look down.

In-game demonstration:
First Person Perspective:

Third Person Perspective:

Have fun editing it! I made sure to make it readable. :smile:


Be great for a horror game or story based game


This is actually a really cool effect that’s both simple but definitely creates a nice feel! Awesome job!

Dang, this would be really good for a scary walk-the-plank up the rooftops game. You know, like the VR ones.

Other than that, good job on this! Lovely work you have there, never knew this could be a thing.