Dome-building feedback

I made a building that was trying to incorporate some human styles but with some tweaks that could be in a fictional civilization. What do you think of my build? Any suggestions?


Is it me or is it that I cant click on the Pictures.

It shows something like Uploading: Screenshot_#.png

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I fixed that now, sorry the images were still uploading when I posted.

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That looks amazing to be honest, but I do want to know if there is an inside to it.

If not, you could add more to it and think about how the inside would look.

I’m kind of confused - is your dome just a sphere that’s sunk halfway into the building, or did you actually make a dome? You’re pictures don’t represent what exactly you did with the dome specifically for us to give much feedback on.


By dome-building I meant something like the United States Capitol Building or Doumo in Florence, Italy. I tried applying that style to a small scale. Sorry for the poor clarification. I more want feedback on how I can improve my build overall.

I’m liking the continental vibe that this building is giving off. However, I would like to see more depth in the building overall, try upping the level of detail on the walls and windows. Make the building pop out a bit more than just a rectangle with a dome on top.

Thanks for the feedback. I will try to apply that.

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Dome as it looks like right now, looks good. The only thing I would do is to put that cylinder part(if it’s a cylinder) under the bigger dome for a bit over the edges of pillars, same for the roof.

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