Don’t Press The Button - Update 7


Ending 2020 off with a new update! Hope you all are well and still thriving despite this crazy year.


  • 4 new Stages!
    • Deliver Pizza
    • Find the Diamond
    • Assemble a Firework
    • Hide And Seek
  • Remade 2 Stages!
    • Four Corners
    • Rising Lava (Again!)
  • 1 new Item added to the Item Shop!**
    • Fireworks - 200 Coins (Only avalible till January 10th. Get it while you can!)
  • 1 new Particle added to the Particle Shop!
    • Firework Effect - 100 Diamonds
  • 1 new Badge: Happy New Year! (Obtain by finishing the Assemble a Firework Stage)

Play the game here:

Thank you all for the amazing support this year, we really appreciate the feedback we’ve gotten. We hope we can push out even better awesome updates next year. See you in 2021!
-Lindon55 and Yaxxzo