Donating Robux to other Robloxians

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to donate to other Robloxians without buying their shirts or buying an item in your own group to add group funds.

As a Roblox developer, I and hundreds of others consistently commission developers who prefer Robux as a method of payment. I end up losing a massive amounts of Robux each month in sales taxes to add money to my group funds. This is followed by a long waiting time for that money to arrive into the account itself.

By adding a donation page or button to the website, Robloxians will be able to professionally communicate, commission and donate with the Robux currency encouraging an even deeper level of a virtual economy. This would eliminate or reduce the 30% taxes on buying shirts and other Roblox items to transfer this currency.


Roblox makes that 30% commission for a reason. It’s how they get their profit back and keep the robux ‘economy’ somewhat balanced. It’s just like how PayPal takes a small % fee for sending your money to a friend, that bit of money is what keeps the site up and running.


To add onto that it’s the same with Tax. Sales Tax/VAT is 30% (20% in specific cases) and that’s what you pay tax on.

While I support direct donations of Roblox, to remove this tax would be a massive loop hole and wouldn’t be worth it business wise.


It’s worth nothing that we can already send people money this way through a group. It doesn’t seem like such a major disadvantage to add the same functionality for individuals.

If I earn Robux through a group game, I get taxed once, and I can send that money to anyone.

If I earn Robux through an individually owned game, I get taxed once when I earn the Robux, and again when I send it to anyone else including my own group.

It doesn’t really make sense. It incentivizes the use of groups even though Roblox doesn’t actually benefit from our using groups. Groups that are notoriously insecure and present potentially unnecessary risks to developers.

Any money in group funds has already had the tax paid AFAIK

Your issue and use case don’t match. A commission isn’t a donation. Can you name some valid use cases for this feature that justify the risks of allowing non-taxed traffic of R$ between two accounts?


I cannot. You can remove the post. I apologize for my lack of knowledge on Roblox sales tax.

This makes sense now. I was under the impression that sales tax was for sales only.

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