Donation Board causing other scripts to break

I have a dev product called a nuke that kills everyone on the server along with a lighting affect.

when the donation board is in game, the nuke simply does not activate. when I disable it, the nuke works 100% fine.
(sorry about the recording quality)

here is the nuke script

local NukeId = 1046776364
-- services --
local mps = game:GetService("MarketplaceService")
local gui = game.StarterGui
-- Nuke --
local colour = game.Lighting.NukeEffect

mps.ProcessReceipt = function(plr,NukeId)
	gui.NukeAnouncement.Announcement.Visible = true

	colour.Enabled = true
	for colourcount = 1,100 do
		colour.Brightness = colour.Brightness + 0.01
		colour.Contrast = colour.Contrast - 0.01


	for i,v in pairs(game.Players:GetChildren()) do
		v.Character.Humanoid.Health = 0

	colour.Brightness = 0
	colour.Contrast = 0
	colour.Enabled = false
	gui.NukeAnouncement.Announcement.Visible = false 

I’ve tried changing settings on the board, putting the board in terrain (someone suggested it on another post), I’ve tried deleting and setting up the board again.


Does the donation board have its own ProcessReceipt callback function?

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Yes it does, however I don’t know much about process receipt. is that what is causing the problem?

Yes, you can only have one ProcessReceipt callback function.


You need to have every Products inside one script same thing happened to me.

Can you elaborate? do you mean every product in my game?

Yes every developer product inside your game needs to be under one ProccessReceipt function.

You use processreceipt in the nuke script and in the dono board. You are only allowed one proceesreceipt.

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you should make a tutorial video on how to make this, this is cool!