Donation board help

  1. What do you want to achieve?

a working donation board, properly displaying the amount donated

  1. What is the issue?

currently my donation board is, broken.

this is the only error i asume is associated with it. the problem is, when people donate money, their names are no longer being updated, and im not sure why.


heres an image displaying some peoples names, the top donator has donated over 35k robux total, but has yet to have his name updated.
3. What solutions have you tried so far?

I’ve tried reinstalling the model, deleting any old copies, renames, everything. Checking output, even the source code for anything that could be messing me up, no luck.

**How can you contact me with support? inactive#8812

also, replying to this will help, but if you have in depth help, dm me on discord.

game board is within: [5X!] Woodland Vibe - Roblox

Are any of the scripts disabled?

their names are not being updated because you are sending datastore requests too fast. That is also what the error is about. When you send too many requests to the datastore, the requests go into a queue, and can even be removed if even more requests are being sent. Try to limit datastore requests (at least around 10 seconds per request) and it should solve the problem

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Its not broken, you are just sending save request to datastores so fast. There is a limit at setasync. Try saving when BindToClose or every 20 seconds maybe. This will fix the problem.

the names are only updated every minute though, and ive tried increasing this time too… I’m using an open source board that uses a loadscript so i cannot edit much in it regardless. The problem happened when my top donator donated about 30k in one go. (3 10k’s, maybe too fast?)

if im not mistaken its being updated every minute, since thats when the names are updated, im using the open source board by karbon studio. Though, as im looking again, they actually have a version 4 they just released. It’s possible this will fix the issue, let me check.

no, they are loaded in by default.