Donation Board Help?

Hi, I’m currently working on revamping my homestore and I need some help making my own donation board.
Similar to this one:

The aspects I want similar are mostly the list of top donators (of course), the podium with the character model and the section on the left that has the player’s icon and a donation amount list.

In my current homestore, I’m using the generic donation board by @Yeah_Ember, but I’d like to make my own instead of using someone else’s.

The thing I need help with is how to script all the buttons that need to be clicked, the player’s icon popping up, and the top donator on the podium. If you couldn’t tell, I’m pretty new to scripting. I’ve looked up tutorials on youtube but the great majority of them are tutorials on how to install Yeah_Ember’s board into your game, so I’ve resorted to the DevForums.

DevProducts are the fundemental part to donation systems. They allow for something to be purchased with robux more than once. Since I do not know the explorer structure of your donation bord, you can have this function run every time a button is clicked.

local MarketplaceService = game:GetService("MarketplaceService")

local Players = game:GetService("Players")
 local productID = 0000000 -- Change this to your developer product ID --Function to prompt purchase of the developer product
local function promptPurchase()
local player = Players.LocalPlayer	

MarketplaceService:PromptProductPurchase(player, productID)

If you need further help, feel free to reply to your original post or send a DM.