Don't allow re-flagging

Hey there,

The flagging feature is a great way to keep the community safe and organized, but I think everyone at this point knows that it is abused to some extent by users that

  • Don’t agree with the topic’s point of view

  • Are mistaken about what is allowed and what isn’t

  • Are simply malicious

Roblox has allowed member to request flagging repeals to community staff for the staff to evaluate further whether their post should have been flagged or not. Oftentimes when a post is reinstated to the devforum though, those same users flag it again.

If a post is cleared by community moderators/forum staff, it should be immune to further flagging from the community. If users can just reflag the post that was already cleared, it just wastes moderator’s time, not to mention that the good post is once again unable to be read by the community.

This would improve my experience on the Devforum because, once again, moderator time would not be wasted and perfectly fine posts would not be hidden and rehidden.

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There is already a feature like that. It just doesn’t get used often and only does when the topic is highly controversial.


Even tho most people says this, this cases aren’t that usual. And when that happens, re-listing the topic isn’t any problem for Staff.

Just as Koiske said, there is already a feature like that wich you can see by yourself if you try to flag topics like this, it just doesn’t get used that often

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I always flag posts that are “HOW GOOD IS MY GAME? PLAY IT AND PLS LIKE!” I flag it, and the gurl making the topic say “Dudes why flag this? Its just a discussion…” and then edits it for the flaggs to dissapear. The edit feature is broken.


Be aware that this rule exists. Reflagging allows users who edit posts that violate the rules to break it, if we are unable to reflag it, it may allow inappropiate content to persist where it would be flagged.

If DET decides that a post is fine, it cannot be flagged using the quick reason options.