Tommy Tallarico Sound Design Kit Now Available


Today, we are excited to introduce the Tommy Tallarico Sound Design Kit sound effects! We’ve worked with Tommy to make this collection available to Roblox developers and welcome him into our creative community.

Sound effects are an important part of developing an immersive world—just like level design, visuals, and story. That is why we are excited to work with Tommy, a multi-award winning sound designer and 32-year video game industry veteran. With the dynamic sound effects in Tallarico’s Sound Design Kits, you can crank your game’s volume up to 11🤘

Tommy has created a great library of sounds (including his own “Oof!” sound) for Roblox developers. He has put together 4 amazing collections offering great value for any budget.

Here’s more from Tommy:

  • Watch this video about the different Sound Design Kits that are available.

  • Purchase the kit that best fits your budget and download the files.

  • Upload the audio files in the My Creations tab (all files are in .ogg format).

  • Configure the audio in Studio (For more info, head over to this Dev Hub article).

Easy, right? Ready to give it a try? Head over to:

We look forward to hearing how you use these sounds in your games!

Thank you,

Developer Relations


Where can I purchase?

You can purchase from Tommy’s website

In the near future, you will also be able to purchase the sound design kits in the upcoming addition to the Developer Marketplace! More to come later!

How many sound effects are available?

The effects will be available for purchase within 4 different bundled kits:

Basic: 100 sounds for $10
Developer: 500 sounds for $50
Standard: 5,000 sounds for $100
Ultimate: 10,000 sounds for $250

Can I use these sounds in all of my Roblox games?

Yes! Your one time purchase gives you the ability to use any of the purchased sounds in any Roblox game you create.

Can I give these sounds to other developers to use?

No. These are only for the games for the developer who has purchased the Tallarico Sound Design Kit products.

Both Roblox and Tommy deeply respect the rights of IP creators and each developer must purchase their own Sound Design Kit in order to have any of those sounds in the game. Please read the Terms & Conditions before purchasing.

What is happening with the “Oof!” sound?

We will be replacing the ‘game over’ sound effect on the platform with new audio next year. Once we launch the Developer Marketplace, you will be able to choose from a variety of custom, community-created sounds (including Tommy’s collection of effects).

If I purchase the sfx library and use the sounds in my game, is it okay for there to be videos or streams of my game?

By purchasing the Tallarico Sound Design Kit, it gives you the right for you and others to record and stream as well. No copyright strikes will be issued to people who have legally purchased the appropriate Sound Design Kit for their game.

Who is Tommy Tallarico and how can I reach him?

Tommy Tallarico is a renowned video game music composer, producer, sound designer, and musician acclaimed for his musical compositions that were featured in games such as: Earthworm Jim, Disney’s Aladdin, Metroid Prime, Tony Hawk Pro Skater, Guitar Hero, Madden Football, Spider-Man, James Bond, Sonic the Hedgehog, Time Crisis, and many more. He also holds the Guinness World Record for the person who has worked on the most video games in a lifetime (over 350!).

You can contact Tommy with your questions in a number of ways:

Nov 17 Update


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Am I reading this right? The “oof” sound will be replaced? The “oof” sound is an iconic of Roblox, and it will be really sad to see this go. If this even does happen, will we be allowed to replace the new one with the old “oof” sound?



Why is this in the Announcements category? I’m not interested in financially supporting or reading about this person.

Loads of developers have notifications on this category to get notified of important development updates. Please don’t fill it with literal advertisements.


Can we copy the OOF sound file from the Roblox client folder and replace the new game over sound file with that? OOF sound is too iconic to be replaced (at least I will keep it forever).

(damn it DevRel don’t remove this if this is too similar to incapaz’s post)


This is basically an advertisement. Why is this in the #updates:announcements category?
This should be in #updates:community

You should make it so that it’s free to upload his sounds to roblox. Since we’re basically double-paying.


The Oof sound will always bring memories… Will it still be optional as a custom game over sound?


An advertisement on the announcements category? I’m not really happy getting a notification hoping that there’s a new update about studio and finding out that it was accually an advertisement…

Edit: I just got the time to read the whole article. From what I understand, this isn’t even an advertisement for a known SFX designer joining the community and producing SFX on the platform. It was accually a straight up advertisement to the SFX designers website and content. I understand that SFX is a big part of the game development but isn’t it quite wrong that you’re making an advertisement of a designer and probably decreasing the reputation of the other SFX designers that are trying to create quality content on the platform but aren’t as experienced as Tommy Tallarico but trying to get experience? As well as that the people that bought this sound packs have to pay to Tommy Tallarico via PayPal etc. and then pay to Roblox to upload the sounds via Robux? This’s just doesn’t sound right to me.

Note: Why would we even support him after he disrespected us? Him saying “Hello Roblox friends and developers!” is annoying me after he called us kids etc. on Twitter.

Note²: In my opinion, doing something for the longest time doesn’t mean that you’re that best at it (For example C418). I believe that you can find novice SFX designers that makes this kind of SFX with the same quality that Tommy Tallarico will probably produce but for a lower price. Also, you can probably pay for the sounds you want to get and not for a pack with some other sounds that you probably won’t use at all. As well as that, there’s a lot of producers that makes high quality SFX for free and you can download them from their websites and use them with no problems.


Honestly, the fact that I just got an advertisement on the announcements category is just annoying. Anyways, on to the point. I am not very happy with this update. 1st of all, the good 'ol “OOF!” will be replaced with what? “Ouch”?


Imagine I buy the ultimate package, does that mean I will have to spend over 10k :robux: uploading them to Roblox? No thanks. This isn’t a collaboration, we are not getting anything here, this os just an ad from a guy who creates SFX out of the platform. There are way to many Roblox SFX designers who doesnt get recognition. No. I’m not spending that amount of money in a guy who doesnt even likes Roblox and its community

Noooo :'c


Impressive, but what’s really the purpose of making a paid sound library when we can just upload our own sound effects for cheaper? Does this really have a meaning?


will we be able to have an option to pick the old roblox oof sound? :thinking:


The “Oof!” sound will still be available, but only if you purchase it from the link listed above and upload it to Roblox. The kit says “The BASIC kit contains 100 award winning sound fx including the beloved Roblox “Oof!” sound.”


Yes, but you will need to purchase it through Tommy’s Sound Design Kit. Although I’m not a fan of it I’m glad Roblox gave us a way to keep it instead of just completely removing it entirely.


The oof sound was iconic and will be missed. It was there from the very first day I played this game back in 2008. It’s such a shame to see something so beloved go.


This is really unfortunate, the ‘oof’ sound is super iconic. Do you have any demos about how the new death sound will sound like?


It is a shame that such an iconic sound on Roblox has to be removed after years of the sound being on the platform.


So in theory, assuming that 1000 people right now buy the iconic oof sound, does this mean the same sound is going to be uploaded to Roblox 1000 times? if so, that really seems like a waste of resources.

Just wanted to point out that there isn’t a system in-place either to stop other people from using the already uploaded versions. You’ve only got to grab the audio ID and away you go… how is that going to be enforced? it doesn’t really seem feasible.


I don’t know where that person came from, but he pretty much demolishes the only sound that lasted more than two years.


So, basically Roblox is advertising a soundpack of 250 USD to us in the Announcements category and we are going to need upload them to Roblox wasting even more money? Not going to lie. That’s a dumb move. Also, coulden’t people just wait the soundpack get uploaded by someone and use it into their games? How Roblox is going to handle that?

I’m fairly disapointed by how this was made. I agree with BuildThomas, Announcements category shoulden’t be used to advertise products.