Don't Autocomplete inside comments


I actually find that useful for when I’m documenting code through comments and can autocomplete variable names I’m talking about. Does it bother you because the popup comes up, or because enter triggers autocomplete when you try to go to a newline and/or autocomplete steals control from arrow keys?

Make it an option, sure, but don’t get rid of it. I think it’s useful.

I think we should copy Visual Studio behavior whenever possible.

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I haven’t used Visual Studio outside of school projects, so I don’t remember its behavior off the top of my head. Can you remind me how autocomplete functions inside comments?

It doesn’t.

It doesn’t because VS autocomplete is the best autocomplete in the world and it will literally write code for you. Every token gets some level of autocomplete, unlike in ROBLOX Lua.

So if you are in C++ land and are writing code in a terse style like this:


It won’t try to autocomplete your variables every time you type the letter “t” in a comment.

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You’re right, ROBLOX autocomplete can be a bit spastic at times…

I guess it really wouldn’t be too much of a bother having to manually type out variable names in comments, and you’re typing non-variables in comments more than not, so yeah it would make sense for autocomplete to tailor towards non-variable typing in comments.

I think you meant IDEA when you wrote VS? Just making sure.

I’ve never used IDEA because I hate writing code in Java, so I’m not familiar with the feature set of its autocomplete.

Visual Studio 2015 is amazing though.

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It really is, they should really use that as a cheat-sheet when thinking of Intellisense features, or they should just give plugins more control over the script view (like being able to move the cursor, read the cursor position in the source, make dialogs appear in the script view) so that people can code these through plugins.

I will make a further assumption that you use C#, not C++ :wink:

I was using it in a C++ OpenCV project not too long ago and I thought it was pretty great.

I haven’t tried it with templates or the ugly new C++0x11 lambdas.

It’s a bug not a feature request.

We’ve had several people comment to us that they like having autocomplete inside comments, hence why it’s a feature request.

When someone is not those 3 people and they are using Studio it will appear to be buggy and we will look like amateurs.


More evidence that this is a bad default.

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