Don't automatically start game trailers

There are many games with trailers in them- that is fine. However, it is really annoying to have a trailer automatically start upon opening the game page.

I usually use services like Youtube with audio pretty low (a built in thing within the service) and no other website or application I use really has sounds, at least without me first clicking on something. Even within Roblox, I’ve obviously clicked on the game and therefore prepare to hear stuff, plus there is an audio bar in-game which for me is set very low.

However, as soon as I load up a game page for Roblox, a video immediately starts and startles me.

It’s like Roblox wants to jumpscare its users.

Take the following game:

I use this often because my friends often unfriend me. The trailer has loud typing sounds before releasing a blood-curdling, terrifying loud scream.

The fact that I do not know before-hand whether or not a game has a trailer means that every time I open a games page, I have to just gamble and hope that a trailer has not been added, or be prepared to pause it and adjust my volume.

Having sounds play basically by random when I really don’t expect it is really bad UX. Make the user click on the vide to play it.

tl;dr let us click to play a trailer instead of immediately beginning it.


As a partial fix, there are multiple HTML5 autoplay blocking extensions for Chrome. They’ll also stop YouTube videos from playing automatically, though the effectiveness is a hit and miss.


Giving this a bump. Partially because I’ve just stumbled upon this issue myself trying to embed a youtube video into an iframe and couldn’t get it to stop auto-playing. Maybe this is a YouTube problem and not a Roblox problem then?