Don't force close windows when updating

I was building my game, started up a server to test the update. While that was loading I choose to open another roblox file.

All windows frooze, no popup was shown. Then all windows just closed and I was greeted by a “Roblox is updating” window.

It can easily ruin anyones work, very dangerous!
Luckily I had just saved, but I believe other developers might not be equally lucky.

Why is this happening again?


I lost 2 hours of work earlier due to this so I was rudely interuptted. I shut my laptop lid, came downstairs and proceeded to eat 500g+ of live mango flavoured yoghurt. cry


The traumas are real!

My mod manager doesn’t do this.

Luckily, there was enough mango flavoured yogurt to compensate this time. I don’t know about next time however :’(

Seriously I did lose a lot of work today and I rarely have the time/patience to work on my game and when I do. Things don’t plan out right, it can’t keep happening due to my current circumstances…