Don't force landscape/portrait on app

Firstly, I’m not exactly sure where this topic should go, but this seemed the most fitting.

In the ROBLOX mobile app, the app forces landscape mode on tablets, and forces portrait mode on phones. (At least for Android. I’ve got a Droid Turbo phone and Nexus tablet.)

This is quite frustrating. On my tablet, it’s really awkward trying to navigate the app in landscape mode, but I can’t switch it to portrait. And on my phone, there have been times I’ve wanted to look at certain things in landscape mode, but it’s locked to portrait.

Why isn’t the display mode based on the device orientation? I feel like it would give a better user experience.


Don’t a lot of apps force one orientation for web-like interfaces? Instagram, Facebook, etc.?

Yeah, Instgram does. Facebook and Twitter don’t. And when they do lock, they typically lock in Portrait. If anything, having the tablet lock in Landscape mode is the most frustrating.

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This sounds more like the app is trying to decide how you will get the most of your screen space and determine the best orientation. I’ll bring this up as we move forward with potential updates to the Mobile App.

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I agree with you on this, I don’t like that we force an orientation in the native portion of the app. But in the past, it’s been necessary because some parts of the app weren’t designed for landscape on something as small as a phone or for portrait on something as large as a tablet. The Avatar Editor comes to mind.

We’ve been working towards responsive UI in general, so I think this could be a good move in the future.


Sooooo annoying, support!

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This is still an issue, 5+ years later.
It’s worth noting that if you have a method to prevent apps from rotating your screen, it works without issue. (I’m currently doing this.)
Phones can show the landscape view without issue if forced to, and I would assume that tablets could display portrait as well.