Don't Freeze Studio When Publishing

To conclude while publishing or saving a game to Roblox using “Save to Roblox”, “Publish to Roblox” and “Publish to Roblox to” it shouldn’t Freeze Studio

Unlike using Team Create when publishing it doesn’t freeze up Studio and waste time.

Currently any place that doesn’t have Team Create enabled will freeze up until the game is published successfully, during this time Studio might crash and we could potentially loose progress on our work which is also a waste of time.

I agree that we should Save the game to our Computer first before Publishing but sometimes you forget.

I am also against Enabling Team Create if not absolutely necessary since it’s unreliable.


TC places do freeze up during publishing, from my experience. My game is somewhat large, so it freezes for about 20 seconds during the publishing process.

It’s not just publishing that freezes Studio, but when in a TC and downloading a local copy, it can sometimes freeze up while saving locally as well.

I believe the reason this might be happening is to prevent actions being done, like inserting or moving objects, while it updates to the website to prevent potential issues later on.


We haven’t announced it here yet because we are still working on it, but you should try enabling a new feature that we released in Beta yesterday.

If you don’t know how to access Beta Features go to File > Beta Features in Studio. For this Beta you will need to part of the BetaTester group. In order to join the Beta Tester group,

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It does “Saving to Roblox…” during an Accurate Play Solo session with Team Create enabled, I’m sure it’s not suppose to do that.

I noticed this because during the “Saving to Roblox…” process Studio freezes up for a bit and then resumes itself.

We are working on a solution for this.

“Publish to Roblox To…” does NOT work when Async Public Beta feature is enabled with Team Create enabled, I haven’t tested with Team Create disabled.

Team Create Async will come as a separate release. It should work if Team Create is off.