Don't Get Consumed By The Spheres (game idea! / devlog!)

Hello, my name is StarJ3M, and I was wondering what YOU think about this game idea.

I will say that this isn’t all that original, as I saw another dev forum post showing off a game mode in Epic Mini Games, which had unanchored spheres rolling around a map and sticking things onto it, later destroying it. I hope that this idea isn’t seen as a complete clone (please tell me ways that I can differentiate this from that) and that it is taken as another game.

Please don’t hate at me just for doing this, and try to give honest, objective, and respectful feedback!

Except updates to this post every now and then!

DGCBTS - or Don’t Get Consumed By The Sphere’s is an Indie Roblox game where you, Don’t Get Consumed, By The Spheres. Players run away from (a) Sphere(s) around the map, while the Spheres chase them down.

Game Idea


Sphere’s get slightly bigger with everything that eat, as they destroy any object that they touch and take their properties. Players shall run away from these spheres, as they will try to get the players because they hold Humanoids that can be used to make more Sphere’s, mini-Spheres that will be 2x smaller than the original Sphere that created it, will have 2x shorter the speed, and will also try to chase down players.


Players will have to run away from the Sphere’s continuously, as the Sphere’s have a special tracker ability which can help them find where the player is. Sphere’s will go through invisible waypoints (bot sphere’s) that will lead them to the players, since Sphere’s can consume any object, expect these guys to break through walls to get you! Hiding is not the most ideal thing to do when playing against a bot, maybe even a player to depending on their skill!


( Planned Update! - 11/17/2022 )

Both teams will have abilities with the Players using their abilities to run away and give more issues to the Sphere, and the Sphere’s having abilities to cause even more destruction.


  • Sprint - Gain 80% more speed! (36 WS), to keep this and gain more, collect running collectables around the map that give you 1+ more time to keep running at a high speed, and that give you 5-12% more speed.

  • Shield - Get a shield around you that repels any sphere’s that collide with it, it also slows them down for 10 seconds, runs out in 20 seconds.

  • Invisible - Become invisible for 60 seconds, decreases 4x more the more you walk, so use this wisely! At everyones

  • Ice Bomb - Plant a bomb that freeze’s any sphere’s that gets in its radius, blows up after five seconds, and takes away 1/4 of the Sphere’s size and speed, permanently.

  • Wooden Pole - Can be placed down Infront of the player, and when a Sphere touches it, it will be stuck on it for 25 seconds, they can break free using the Sized Up passive and will only be stuck for 16 seconds.

Sphere’s (They won’t be playable for players until the full game release…)

  • Laser - Fire’s a laser from its mouth that completely burns parts, these parts will give the player 2x Size and add 15% more speed. Takes 3 seconds to charge up, and its blast last for 5 seconds, 40 second cooldown.

  • See Through - Lets the Sphere see all players for 10 seconds.

  • Glob - The Sphere will spit out a glob that slowly spreads on the ground, instantly consumes what is touched.

  • Meteor Strike - Fire’s down a meteor from the sky at the mouse’s position, absolutely destroys parts.

Game passes and Dev Products

You will only be able to purchase 2x Spheres and a more accessories game pass for 75 and 50 robux, other dev products will include the ability to buy Sphere’s

Dev Products will include:

  • 50 Spheres - 25 Robux
  • 100 Spheres - 50 Robux
  • 150 Spheres - 75 Robux
  • 250 Spheres - 125 Robux
  • 500 Spheres - 250 Robux
  • 1000 Spheres - 500 Robux

Game passes will include:

  • Extra Ability Slot - 125
  • 2x Spheres - 100 Robux
  • Infinite 2x Map Votes - 75
  • More Accessories! (4+) - 50


Events will be in this game, usually being the typical holidays like Christmas, other events may be special events for the game like a Summer Bash, Anniversary Event, or an event related to a character in the game.

Quick Notes:

  • Players will NOT be able to purchase any game passes, devproduct, or in game item that lets them progress through events.

  • Players will NOT have a infinite amount of time to complete events or extend them.

  • Players will NOT exploit in the event, will result in an instant game ban.

Events will usually reward players with special items, like new abilities, Sphere’s, Accessories, etc…


Tournaments will be special events, where the players / best players in the game will be able to battle it out through special maps and receive different types of prizes.

Events will last within a month or two, and players will need to have time to participate in the event, or they may be disqualified due to them not having enough time to spend in the game (School, Work, etc…).

First Place

  • Special Role/Tag
  • Special in-game Items
  • 10,000 Robux prize (If possible in the future)
  • Request 3 Game ideas

Second Place

  • Special Role/Tag
  • Special in-game Items
  • 7,500 Robux prize (If possible in the future)
  • Request 2 Game ideas

Third Place

  • Special Role/Tag
  • Special in-game Items
  • 4,250 Robux prize (If possible in the future)
  • Request 1 Game ideas

For the time being, I don’t have all of this robux, this means that Tournaments will be held far up next year (11-12) or even 2024. (This may possibly be changed in the near future.).


The game will consist of many different game modes, here is a stale list consisting of future game modes in the game: ~~~~ But, there will be three game modes types, that all players will have to pick to turn the tides of the game.

Styles ← Most likely the only game style on Beta Release

Rush Style

Rush Style

Rush style will be a game style where players run from the Sphere’s. Sphere’s will chase down players and consume everything, while players will run from them and use Special Abilities (and maybe passives) that can help them escape and trap the Sphere’s.

Rush last for about 3 minutes per map, If the Sphere’s can’t get everyone, they lose, but if they do, they win.

Player Rewards for winning and losing will be based off of three things:

  • Style - (Multiplier Reward (1x)) The amount of Abilities they used and how many worked to block out and or escape the Sphere’s (Ratio - 2:4/ 2/4)

  • Tactics - (Multiplier Reward (1x)) How far they can stay from the Sphere’s (Sphere-Player.Magnitude) ← the top amount of distance will be recorded.

  • Time Alive - (Number Reward (100 Seconds = 100 Sphere’s)) How long you survived against the Sphere’s.

Sphere rewards for winning or losing are based off of:

  • Players Consumed (Number Reward (1 = 25 Sphere’s)) The number of players consumed in one game

  • Time used (Multiplier Reward (0m = 10x - 3m = -10x)) The amount of time the Sphere’s team took to get all of the players, or lose.

  • Times Trapped (Multiplier Reward (1 = -1)) The amount of times you’ve been trapped by a player.

Game Modes

Sorry. This information hasn’t been / isn’t finished. Check back later!

Battle Style

Sorry. This information hasn’t been / isn’t finished. Check back later!

Reconstruction Style

Sorry. This information hasn’t been / isn’t finished. Check back later!

List of things that are finished/In Development/unfinished

Server - : :green_circle: :
Sphere Mechanics - : :yellow_circle: :
Maps - : :yellow_circle: :
Game Loop - : :yellow_circle: :
Player Animations and Mechanics- : :red_circle: :
Tools - : :red_circle: :
Thumbnail Art - : :red_circle: :
Styles - : :red_circle: :
Anti-Cheat - : :red_circle: :

I don’t have a big team or anything, this is currently and completely a solo project for the time being, so don’t except this to be extraordinary or completely fleshed out on release. No planned release dates, but game may come out next year.




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Thanks for reading! (Please reply if you read through the whole post, would be appreciated!)

If you read all of this, that’s crazy.
but thanks anyway.

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Hey! This sounds fine, but doesn’t seem like it might be that successful. It could get some players, around 30 at a time maybe, but it wouldn’t be front page or anything. Also, don’t worry about “copying” epic minigames, as they actually copied a game called R.U.N. if I’m not mistaken.

Hope you succeed!


Fun game idea! It sounds like it is geared to younger Robloxians, and maybe on the front page for most engaging?


This sounds like a really fun game! With the right start it could get really popular as long as you make sure there are enough active players during release that new players won’t be bored in the lobby all alone. That seems like the biggest problem for new multiplayer games.

I don’t think you’ll get in trouble for the Epic Minigames thing, most of their games aren’t original anyways.

If you want testers, I can help out!


Sounds good, I just would recommend not sharing this information until you have 90% of the game completed. Don’t want your idea getting stolen.


You’re being creative , this sounds like a fun game , I think you could probably customize the sphere , having skins…Y-know what I mean?


Was actually think of an Accessory scheme for the players! Just need to flesh it out well.


Sounds pretty sweet, but the only recommendation is that the name has “Sphere’s” in it which means that the sphere owns something (like “the sphere’s colour”), or it’s a contraction of ‘sphere is’.
Spheres means more than one sphere.


The idea is not original, it has popped up many times over the years in various different games.

However, if enough work is put into this project, I can see it turning out really well!

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