Don't grey out name of StarterGui, or the names of descendants of StarterGui when UI is hidden

Currently, when you disable the UI from appearing while in Edit Mode, Studio greys out the names of descendants within StarterGui, which makes it near impossible to read the text in Dark theme.

My suggestion for this is to Not grey out the text, or at the very least, have it be an option under Studio options.

This is a bad UI design choice as it doesn’t server any purpose other than to be an annoyance. The developer should know the UI is disabled just from the lack of anything UI related on their screen.

If Roblox could address this issue, it would make it much easier to work on scripts that are descendants of the StarterGui, as well as any other objects that are under the StarterGui, such as ViewportFrame objects.

How it currently looks:

How it should look:

Thank you!


I do not agree that the text being grey has no purpose. It makes it immediately obvious when you have UI disabled, while the absence of UI element in the viewport may not be immediately obvious in all cases (ie. I have UI offscreen and bring it onscreen with scripts, or when I want to modify it when developing).

This is perfectly fine UI design. The actual problem is that Studio has contrast issues and could stand some improvement.


If UI not being on the screen is immediately obvious, then the blue eye icon should be enough, in usecases where the UI may already be off screen.

Graying out text should signify that you can’t access something, not that something, somewhere else, is disabled.

This is absolutely terrible UI design, especially considering the fact it’s almost impossible to read the text at a glance.

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Much like with the case of the constraints / collision dragger toggle buttons, a tiny little blue icon is completely insufficient for preventing confusion. People simply will not notice it, won’t realize it toggles GUI, or they’ll click it by accident and won’t realize. On higher resolution monitors this becomes worse.

The instances in the explorer should remain greyed out because they are inaccessible in a sense - visually. It’s much more obvious that UI is disabled when it’s also greyed out in the explorer. In contrast, it’s not at all obvious that UI is disabled when it’s mysteriously missing in the viewport.

If users are aware their UI can be and most likely is disabled (communicated via the common method of greying out text), they’re likely to look for the button that toggles it instead of getting confused and frustrated. You must remember that Roblox Studio is meant to be somewhat accessible for younger users.

This is a contrast issue. Studio has had issues with theme contrast for a while.
This is not an issue with how disabled UI is communicated.