Don't grey out pending sales in "Sales of Goods" page

As a clothing designer, monitoring my sales has become a lot more straining on my eyes. Clothing sales can pend for well upwards of a day, meaning I now have tens of pages of greyed out transactions that are a lot harder to read.

For reference, page 1:

Then, page 20:

I suggest keeping clothing sales as non-grayed out, the clock icon next to the robux earned is plenty sufficient in displaying that the sale is pending.


From the way these page overhauls are released, it feels as if they are designed / tested against some biased / minimal test set of data, rather than from the view of any account resembling a real user with real data and throughput of data. I don’t feel like any designer would have shipped this otherwise.


Thank you for the feature request! We made this opacity change less drastic so pending transactions should be easier to see now on both dark and light themes.